Picnics and barbecues are in full swing right now, and so often that means that you’re eating unhealthy food. But that doesn’t have to be th…

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Estate jewelry offers cheaper, unique pieces

Finding little treasures along the beach, like oysters and sea shells is always fun in the summer time. But for those looking to uncover som…

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Amistad leaves New Haven, New London bound

After stern words from the governor about possibly losing some state funding, it appears the Schooner Amistad is on its way to Sailfest.

One shot dead in Hartford

Hartford police are investigating another deadly shooting in the city.

Cell phone video appears to catch Clinton police officer sleeping on job

CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH)–Cell phone video shows what appears to be a Clinton police officer in uniform, in a cruiser, taking a snooze on the si…

Malloy to Amistad: Show up at Sailfest or risk losing $400K

NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH)–If you go to Sailfest in New London this weekend, you may not see the Amistad America. Gov. Dannel Malloy urged the…

Dangers of buying from Craigslist in wake of recent criminal activity

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)–Most transactions on the popular site Craigslist involve meeting complete strangers. It could be risky business and …

Concerns over a neglected husky dog in New Haven

NEW HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) – This is a story that began with a “Report It” email News 8 received, describing a dog on Newhall Street in New Have…

Connecticut’s Farmer’s Markets

Fresh Connecticut produce is right for the picking, and the state wants to make sure you know where to find it.

Horses found emaciated

REDDING, Conn. (WTNH) – State Animal Control Officers from the Dept. of Agriculture seized two severely emaciated horses Thursday from a hom…

Judge challenges prosecutors on terror case claim

A federal judge preparing to sentence a British citizen for supporting terrorists in Afghanistan challenged prosecutors on their claim that …

Hartford dumps public financing plan for stadium

Hartford officials say they have dropped a $60 million public financing plan for a minor league baseball stadium and will seek private inves…

Musicians deny orchestrated attack on opera

A musicians union is denying it orchestrated the cancellation of an opera in West Hartford that was to be performed using digitally sampled …

Amistad to try and attend New London festival

The organization that operates the replica slave ship Amistad says it "will exhaust every resource" to try and attend Sailfest in New London…

Ride the rails to Sailfest

The finishing touches are being put on New London's annual celebration Sailfest on the banks of the Thames River.

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